… to Hylde’s Garden, an elderberry orchard nestled in the heart of our small farm in northeast Iowa.

We offer dried elderberries, frozen elderberries, and dried elderflower for use in food, brewing, cosmetics, and other products.

We also offer hardwood stem cuttings from our elder plants for folks who want to grow their own elder plants.

Availability of our products is seasonal.

Enjoy your visit!

Spring 2024 update

Elderflower — We have no elderflower currently in stock, but we will be picking and drying more flower this coming June. Let us know if you would like to be added to our list of people interested in purchasing our fragrant elderflower.

Elder cuttings — Cutting sales are done for the season. Due to spring “springing” early this year, the leaf buds on our bushes are breaking dormancy earlier than usual. These tender buds make cuttings more delicate to ship. We will be offering cuttings again in 2024-25.

Elder bushes in bloom, early July
Elder bushes in bloom, early July

Elderberries — We still have frozen 2023 berries for sale as I write this. Although Ranch and Bob Gordon had reduced yields from the dry weather in mid-to-late summer, the Nova and York elder plants produced well. The net result was a bumper crop for our orchard.