Personal information we collect

We record the name, email address, regular mailing address, phone number, and similar contact information from people who voluntarily provide such information to us. We use this information to contact people about their orders, to ship goods to customers, and occasionally to contact past customers with special offers.

We also record the credit card information for people who supply this information directly to us when placing an order by phone, email, or mail. We transmit this information to our credit-card payment provider through a secure, encrypted connection.

We never provide any of this information to any outside person or business except as stated above.

PayPal privacy policy

Our payment processor for credit/debit cards and bank debits (e-checks) is PayPal. We have no control over the personal or financial information provided to PayPal nor do we have any control over how PayPal uses such information. For more information, please see PayPal’s privacy policy.

Website tracking service

We use a third party service to track how this website is used by visitors. We use this information to make improvements to the website. This service does not collect any personal information about visitors.