Elderberry, frozen, 5 lb bulk pkg

Elderberry, frozen, 5 lb bulk pkg

July 2021 update -- Berries will be ripening in soon! The harvest will extend from mid August through early September. Demand for fresh/frozen elderberries is very strong this year. Do not wait to place your order with your favorite grower, whether you buy from us or someone else.

If you are interested in purchasing berries from us, please contact us NOW to ask about availability. We are especially looking for buyers who want berries soon after harvest and preferably are located in our local NE Iowa, SW Wisconsin, and SE Minnesota region.


Frozen North American elderberries, Sambucus canadensis. Direct from our orchard in northeast Iowa. Within a few hours of picking, we get our berries de-stemmed, sanitized, thoroughly rinsed, and quickly frozen.

Our 5-pound packages are just right for making homemade jam, juice, syrup, and baked goods or for small-batch beer and wine making. More info about using and storing elderberries...

Please contact us to discuss delivery options --

  • We may be able to deliver in our local area or meet you halfway. 
  • We can pack frozen berries in insulated cartons with ice packs. We strongly recommend shipping like this only when the weather in transit is likely to be close to or below freezing. We provide no guarantee the berries will arrive frozen even if shipped in freezing weather. If you choose to ship via UPS or FedEx ground or 3-day, we will ship only on Mondays for the shortest transit time.

Packaged in a resealable zipper-top plastic bag. Net weight 5 pounds (80 ounces by weight) per bag.

Sold per bag. If you order a quantity of 1, you will receive 5 pounds of berries. If you order 2, you will receive 10 pounds, etc.

Price: $27.50