Elderflower, dried, 1 lb bulk pkg

Elderflower, dried, 1 lb bulk pkg

Thermally (heat) dried elderflower, Sambucus canadensis, direct from our orchard in northeast Iowa. 

Our dried flower is fragrant and extremely clean with very few stems and leaves. We gently dry the tiny flowers with low heat to preserve their light color, pollen content, and delicate aroma.

One ounce by weight of our dried elderflower is a generous one cup by volume. This is equivalent to about 5 cups of freshly picked, de-stemmed flowers that have been gently packed. More about using and storing elderflower...

Brew pure elderflower tea or add it to herbal tea blends. Elderflower also makes lovely wine or beer, cake frosting, jelly, liqueur, and cordial (simple syrup). 

Packaged in a resealable zipper-top plastic bag. Net weight 1 pound (16 ounces by weight) per bag.

Sold per bag. If you order a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 pound of flowers. If you order 2, you will receive 2 pounds, etc.

Price: $36.00