Stem cutting, Nova

Stem cutting, Nova

Hardwood stem cuttings from our Nova elderberry plants.

Compared with the other varieties we grow, Nova flowers after Ranch and about the same time as York and Bob Gordon. Its berries ripen mid-season along with York and Bob Gordon. Berries are a nice size -- about 3/8" diameter -- and are reputed to be slightly sweeter than average.

Nova will bear best if planted with a second variety that flowers about the same time. Hardy to Zone 3.

Our mature bushes are 6-8 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. This is a typical size for most Sambucus canadensis varieties.

Nova was first released in 1959 or 1960, depending on the source, by the Ag Canada Research Station. It is named after Nova Scotia, the Canadian province in which this variety originated.

Cuttings have been treated with certified organic dormant oil to smother any overwintering leaf mites, a common pest of elder plants.

Planting instructions for hardwood cuttings....

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Price: $2.00