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Stem cutting, York, pkg of 5

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Hardwood stem cuttings from our York elderberry plants. 

Compared with the other varieties we grow, York starts to flower in mid-June, about the same time as Nova. Its berries ripen along with Nova -- roughly early to mid August here in Iowa. Berries are a nice size -- about 3/8" diameter.

York is self-pollinating, but it will yield more fruit if pollinated by other elder, so plant at least two varieties for the best production results. Hardy to Zone 3. Determinant variety -- the flowers bloom and berries ripen over a relatively short time.

Our mature bushes are 6-10 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. This is a little taller compared with most Sambucus canadensis varieties. We sometimes use a 3-step stool to reach berries at the top of the tallest bushes.

York was first released in 1964 by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Cuttings have been treated to smother overwintering leaf mites, a common pest of elder plants.

We ship cuttings during the last half of March through early April, timing solely at our discretion. If you cannot get cuttings planted right away, keep them damp and chilled -- the refrigerator works well if you have room.

Sold in a package of 5 cuttings, all one variety. If you order a quantity of 1, you will get 5 cuttings of this variety. A quantity of 2 is 10 cuttings, etc. Any discounts that apply to your order will be shown in your cart.

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