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Elderberry, frozen, bulk pkg

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Frozen North American elderberries, Sambucus canadensis, direct from our orchard in northeast Iowa. Within a few hours of picking, our berries are de-stemmed, sanitized, thoroughly rinsed, packaged in sturdy bags, and quickly frozen.

Our 5-pound bags are just right for making homemade jam, juice, syrup, and baked goods or for small-batch beer and wine making.

Please contact us to discuss delivery options --

  • You can pick up your berries at our shop and save on shipping costs
  • We may be able to deliver or arrange to meet you halfway if you are reasonably close to us
  • For delivery further away, we will ship using insulated cartons and ice packs

Volume discounts for purchases of 6 or more bags. Discounted price will be shown in your cart.

  • 1-5 bags: Base price per bag as shown
  • 6-10 bags: $2.50 off the base price per bag
  • 11-15 bags: $5.00 off
  • 16-20 bags: $7.50 off 
  • 21 or more bags: $10.00 off

Packaged in a sturdy, resealable plastic bag. Net weight 5 pounds (80 ounces by weight) per bag. 

Sold per bag. If you order a quantity of 1, you will receive one bag totaling 5 pounds net weight. If you order 2, you will receive 2 bags totaling 10 pounds, etc.

Price: $37.50